Life presents challenges and although we do our best to meet those challenges, we often become stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Therapy can help by providing a safe place for unloading stored up thoughts and emotions, and for unlearning destructive or unproductive habits. There are many ways to accomplish this, many kinds of therapy and therapists, many modalities and methods.

My job as your therapist will be to create the structure best suited to facilitate your process of healing and change. The approach I use brings together the perspectives of expressive arts therapy, social work, and psychoanalysis, emphasizing whichever works best for you in any given session.

Clay is at the heart of the studio-based work I do, especially upstate, where I have a fully equipped studio. Clay is dense, weighty, and malleable; it can become anything. Forms may be representational or abstract or somewhere in between; they may become fixed and permanent, be fired and even glazed, or be crushed and rolled back up in a ball.

Both in New York City and upstate, I offer other art materials and playful approaches in addition to clay, such as sand play, role play, movement exploration and storytelling. All of these expressive modalities provide relief from stress, stimulate the imagination, and through journaling and discussion, connect the intuitive and the analytical functions of the brain. For those who do not wish to engage in expressive modalities, imagery and visual thinking can be used to enhance a mostly verbal approach.

Individual Sessions

    For those seeking to enliven their personal journey, anchor their healing in concrete expression, relieve stress, neutralize and transform toxic energy, and get in touch with their dreams, individual sessions offer a combination of talk with clay work, drawing, painting, sandplay, or movement.  Sessions are usually weekly or twice weekly for 50 - 75 minutes. Individual "Dreamfigures" sessions are available for both men and women. (Please see description under Group Work).
   "Self-initiated Therapy" is the way one teen described my way of working. You can talk if, how, and when you want. If you don't feel like talking, you can focus on your art project, write in your journal, create a scene in the sand tray, or express yourself through movement. You're not put on the spot. Having a chance to do something physical or creative usually makes talking easier.

   Play therapy, art therapy, storytelling and sandplay are the primary modalities I use with young children. Social, educational, behavioral, and family issues are additionally addressed through meetings with parents and school personnel.

Parent Counseling
   Sometimes situations arise that can cause anguish or confusion for even the best of parents. One or two counseling sessions are often all that is needed for parents to regain clarity and peace of mind.

Group Work

Dreamfigures, A Women's Clay Group

Deep Clay Expressive Therapy Center, Gardiner, New York
Every other Wednesday at 5pm - 7:30pm

   Dreamfigures are the images and forms which inhabit our dreams, fantasies, and the wordless depths of the unconscious. This group process encourages opening to these personal and collective images and allowing them to make themselves known through clay or other art materials. Group members practice being in dialogue with the unconscious and gain strength from witnessing and being witnessed in the creative non-judgemental sessions. In addition to structured exercises and time for free artistic exploration, the Dreamfigures group experience includes journal writing, sharing personal stories, and experiencing oneself and one's creations within the supportive circle of the group. Basic instruction is offered as needed.

   After two or three introductory individual meetings, participants may sign up for a series of six to ten group sessions. On alternate weeks, each group member meets with me or with another therapist of her choice for individual sessions.

   "Dreamfigures" can also be done within individual sessions.

Dream Exploration

Deep Clay Expressive Therapy Center, Gardiner, New York
Thursday 7pm - 9pm

   This group offers an opportunity for serious meditative play. Men and women with an interest in their dreams, inner process, and creativity meet weekly to share dreams and to engage in dream art, movement, and journaling. Prior art or expressive skills are welcome but definitely not required, only a willingness to explore. Should additional support be needed, individual sessions may be arranged.

Parenting Teens Creatively

Deep Clay Expressive Therapy Center, Gardiner, New York
Fourth Friday at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

   Parenting teens can bring up so much, including personal and couple issues. Get a handle on that 'out of control' feeling by strengthening your groundedness, creativity, and sense of humor. We will use art, sound, action, and feedback. This goes way beyond sitting around, getting advice, and complaining. Monthly or more frequent individual sessions add depth to the group work, as needed.

Couple and Family Counseling
    Couples and families use weekly sessions to build new ways of communicating, enhanced by the use of symbol and metaphor inherent in art therapy and other creative approaches.